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RECAP: Orlando hosts re-election rally forPresident Donald Trump
Supporters line up 40 hours before eventbegins
By AP AuthorPosted: 7:23 AM, June 19, 2019Updated: 12:01 PM, June 19, 2019


ORLANDO, Fla. - President Donald Trump onTuesday officially announced his re-election bid at his rally at the AmwayCenter in Orlando.
Some supporters lined up more than 40 hoursbefore he was scheduled to show up.
President Donald Trump announces re-electioncampaign in Orlando
Here's what happened at the Trump rally inOrlando
Baby Trump balloon flies outside of AmwayCenter for president's visit
Meanwhile, protesters held events nearby.
Here's a recap of what Trump said and whatelse happened at the Orlando rally.


10:20 p.m.
President Donald Trump has kicked off hisre-election campaign with a grievance-filled rally that focused more onsettling scores than on laying out his agenda for a second term.
On Tuesday night in Orlando, Trump complainedthat he had been "under assault from the very first day" of hispresidency by a "fake news media" and "illegal witch hunt"that had tried to keep him and his supporters down.
He also painted a disturbing picture of whatlife would look like if he loses in 2020, telling the crowd that Democrats"want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we knowit."
The apocalyptic language and finger-pointingmade clear that Trump's 2020 campaign will probably look a whole lot like his2016 run.

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9:35 p.m.
President Donald Trump is decrying"illegal mass migration" as he tries to fire up supporters at hiskickoff rally for the 2020 election.
Trump made border security a focus of hisfirst presidential run and returned to the topic frequently on Tuesday inFlorida.
Trump says millions of low-wage workers whocome to the U.S. illegally compete for wages and opportunities against the mostvulnerable Americans.
Trump is also claiming that schoolchildrenacross the country are being threatened by MS-13 gang members and blames"Democratic policies."
He says if Democratic officials "had tosend their children to those overcrowded, overburdened schools, they would nottolerate it for one minute."

特朗普還聲稱,全國各地小學生均受到MS-13黑幫人員(注:MS-13 跨國黑幫組織,現有約50萬人)的威脅,并因此指責“民主黨政策”。

9 p.m.
President Donald Trump is returning to afamiliar theme of attacking old trade deals as he tries to appeal toworking-class voters in his campaign kickoff for 2020.
Trump said Tuesday in Orlando that the U.S. istaking in billions of dollars in tariffs and that companies are leaving Chinaas a result of the 25 percent tariffs he has imposed on $250 billion in Chineseimports. Trump is preparing to target $300 billion in Chinese imports that hehasn't already hit with tariffs.
Trump says the U.S. helped rebuild China, and"they took us for suckers, and that includes Obama and Biden."
Trump tells supporters he's fighting for them.He says, "I have news for Democrats who want to return us to the bitterfailures and betrayals of the past: We are not going back."


6:40 p.m.
President Donald Trump has arrived in Orlando,where he is set to kick off his reelection campaign with a rally.
Campaign advisers say Trump will seek toconnect his first term to the goals he hopes to achieve with four more years aspresident.
They say his brash version of populism,combined with his mantra to "Drain the Swamp," stillresonates, despite his administration's cozy ties with lobbyists andcorporations and the Trump family's apparent efforts to profit off thepresidency.
Trump supporters began arriving as early asMonday for the Tuesday night campaign rally, braving downpours and listening toa cover band playing Southern rock standards.
Democrats say Trump won't be credible runningagain as an outsider, and they claim that he's made life harder for peopleafter two years in office.

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6:30 p.m.
Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters clapped andtook photos when a 20-foot blimp of a snarling Trump baby in a diaper wasinflated near the Orlando, Florida, arena where President Donald Trump was setto formally launch his reelection campaign
It wasn't the only helium-filled balloonoutside Tuesday's rally. Lane Blackwell, who owns a clothing and swimwear storein Orlando, had manufactured 200 small balloons with Trump in a diaper.
At least twice, groups of men wearing blackProud Boy T-shirts tried to enter the street where the anti-Trump protest wasbeing held. They were stopped by groups of police officers and deputies.
Shaun Noble says his mother was at the Trumprally while he was at the anti-Trump protest.
He says, "It's really caused a divide inour relationship." But he says it's his right to believe what he wants andhis mother's right to believe what she wants.

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12:15 a.m.
President Donald Trump is set to kick off his re-electioncampaign with a rally Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida.
Campaign advisers say Trump will seek toconnect his first term to the goals he hopes to achieve with four more years aspresident.
Democrats say Trump won't be credible runningagain as an outsider and they claim that he's made life harder for people afterjust two years in office.

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